Amanda Gentle


I’m a UX designer with a passion for creating positive experiences with well crafted products and beautiful design systems.


Hi! I’m Amanda, a UX designer with a background in graphic design and marketing. I like transforming complex problems into beautiful solutions through visual design, prototyping, and simply getting to know people.


Cancer Lifeline

A website that creates a community for people affected by cancer.


Potted Sunshine

An e-commerce website that makes it fun and simple for anyone to own and care for indoor plants.


Target REDcard

A mobile application that makes it easy to manage a Target REDcard credit account.



I was a Graphic Designer first.

My experience as a Graphic Designer shaped my understanding of the design process and fed my desire to create products that are not only beautiful, but also solve real human needs. Here’s some of my favorite graphic work that led me to where I am today.